About us

The formula for successful deliveries: Carrtell!

Carrtell is an advanced online delivery management platform that simplifies and facilitates the logistics process for e-commerce sellers.

About us

Carrtell is a leading online delivery management platform that helps SMEs engaged in e-commerce efficiently manage their delivery processes in a simple, fast, and effective way.

We were founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2020 by Batuhan Tosunoğlu, Erem Cem Yalınkılıçlar, and Cemal Turgut. Initially, we operated as a same-day delivery company. However, after closely observing the needs of the industry, we decided to develop our own logistics management software in 2021.

In 2022, we integrated traditional delivery companies into our network to meet the needs of our customers. This allowed customers to access various services from a single point. In 2023, we transitioned fully to a delivery management platform model. By providing access to multiple delivery companies through a single integration, we continue to be pioneers in facilitating the delivery processes of e-commerce businesses and optimizing their costs.

Our Values

The services we provide to our customers are shaped by the values we have determined in line with our vision and mission.


We rapidly respond to customer needs and constantly innovate to facilitate their business’ needs.


We are determined to offer the most advanced technological solutions in the industry by closely following technological developments.

Integrated and Flexible

We provide integration with multiple courier companies and e-commerce platforms to easily manage your shipping processes on a single platform.

Honest and Transparent

We adhere to the principle of honesty in all our business processes and provide our customers with maximum transparency in service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make delivery in e-commerce seamless with excellent features, simplify the process, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What is the founding story of Carrtell?

Carrtell was founded in 2020 in Istanbul as a same-day delivery company by Erem Cem Yalınkılıçlar, Batuhan Tosunoğlu, and Cemal Turgut. Later, it transitioned to a delivery management platform model by developing its own logistics software. It currently provides platform services for SMEs to solve their delivery problems in 2 countries.

Is there a fee for using the Carrtell platform?

Carrtell currently offers all its benefits for free. Users only pay per delivery for the shipments they send.

How can I get a price quote from Carrtell?

After registering on the Carrtell Delivery Management Platform via the link https://app.carrtell.co/en/auth/register, you can go to the Shipments page and get instant price quotes for all delivery companies and service types.

Do I need to make separate contracts with each delivery company to work with multiple companies through Carrtell?

No, with Carrtell, you can work with multiple delivery companies simultaneously with a single contract.

How can I get support from Carrtell?

Carrtell provides instant support through its experienced customer relations team via the support center and call center on your Carrtell panel.

What is Carrtell's vision?

Carrtell's vision is to create the best, easy-to-use, and advanced technology delivery management platform with advanced technological features to track, optimize, and analyze delivery operations for e-commerce businesses.

How can Carrtell speed up my delivery processes?

Carrtell, tek noktadan tüm kargo süreçlerinizi yönetmenizi, akıllı alokasyon metotları ile gönderileriniz için en uygun kargo firmasına kargolarınızı otomatik dağıtmanızı, kargo firmalarının genel merkezlerine doğrudan entegre olmanızı ve tek barkod taslağı ile tüm kargo firmalarından hizmet almanızı sağlayarak kargo süreçlerinizin daha hızlı ve verimli olmasına yardımcı olur.

How can I sign up for the Carrtell platform?

Carrtell’e You can easily and for free sign up for Carrtell via https://app.carrtell.co/en/auth/register. linkinden kolayca ve ücretsiz şekilde üye olabilirsiniz.

Can I track my shipments in real-time through Carrtell?

Yes, you can track the status of your shipments in real-time, from SMS notifications sent to your customers to shipment history, through the Carrtell platform for all delivery companies.

Can I make bulk shipments through the Carrtell platform?

Yes, you can create and manage hundreds of shipments at the same time using the Carrtell platform and make bulk shipments easily.

How can I contact Carrtell customer support team?

Carrtell’in deneyimli müşteri ilişkileri ekibi ile Carrtell panelinizdeki Destek Merkezi’nden iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Is the Carrtell platform secure?

Carrtell uses the most up-to-date security protocols to ensure the security

How can I make a contract with the shipping companies integrated with Carrtell?

With Carrtell, you have the opportunity to work with multiple shipping companies integrated into the platform with a single contract. For details, you can contact the customer support team.

Can I access the Carrtell platform from my mobile devices?

You can access the Carrtell platform from both your desktop and mobile devices. We will improve our mobile support in the near future.

Can I get reports on my delivery shipments through the Carrtell platform?

Yes, you can easily obtain detailed reports and summaries of your delivery shipments within seconds using the Carrtell platform.

What payment methods can I use to pay for delivery fees through the Carrtell platform?

You can use bank transfer and credit card for upfront, installment, or deferred payment methods.

Can I get a tracking number through Carrtell for delivery?

Yes, when you create a shipment through the Carrtell platform, you can obtain the tracking number from the respective delivery company. You can automatically import tracking numbers and shipment statuses to your e-commerce infrastructure.

What is the quality of service of the delivery companies working with Carrtell?

Carrtell pays attention to the quality and service standards of the delivery companies integrated into its platform. Additionally, it constantly strives to improve the quality of service based on user feedback. You can compare the services and prices of delivery companies by becoming a member of the platform.

What languages can I use on the Carrtell platform?

Currently, you can use Turkish, English, and Arabic language options. We are continuously improving our English and Arabic language options and expanding our language options as we open up to new countries.

Can I connect the Carrtell platform with my e-commerce website or business processes using an API?

Yes, you can easily integrate your e-commerce website or business processes with the Carrtell platform using our free and advanced API integration.

How can I see shipping prices on Carrtell?

After logging in to the Carrtell platform, go to the "Shipments" page to view shipping prices.

Can I get shipment tracking updates from Carrtell?

Yes, you can receive notifications about your shipments' status through the Carrtell platform. This service is available for both you and your customers, and it's automatic, free, and follows a standardized format.

Do I need to ship a minimum quantity to get Carrtell's price advantages?

Carrtell caters to businesses of all sizes, from those with only 1 shipment per day to those with 1000 shipments. There is no minimum shipment quantity required to start benefiting from Carrtell's price advantages. You can find the daily minimum shipment quantities for door-to-door shipments on the Shipping page in the panel.

Can I cancel or modify my shipments on the Carrtell platform?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your shipments on the Carrtell platform until they are picked up by the courier.

Where can I see user reviews and feedback about Carrtell?

You can find some references and customer feedback on our website.

Can I receive an invoice for the shipments I made using Carrtell?

Yes, invoices are automatically created for all the shipments you make through Carrtell and for all the services you receive.

How can I provide suggestions or feedback to the Carrtell platform?

You can share your suggestions and feedback through Carrtell's official website, call center, or customer representative.

How can I find out about the delivery times of my shipments on Carrtell?

You can check the expected delivery times and any unexpected delays of your shipments through Carrtell's official website, the cargo management platform, the call center, or by contacting your customer representative. The Carrtell platform automatically tracks shipment delays and works with shipping companies to resolve any issues.

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