How to Make a Cargo Agreement?

Making appropriate agreements with shipping companies is of great importance for e-commerce sellers. So, how can these cargo agreements be made?

There are many ways to be successful in the e-commerce world, but one of the most effective ways to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level is to provide fast and economical shipping service. Therefore, making appropriate agreements with shipping companies is of great importance for e-commerce sellers. So, how can these cargo agreements be made? Here is a step-by-step guide to making a cargo agreement:

Determine Your Needs and Volume

First, you need to determine your shipment volume and frequency. How many packages do you send per week? What are the average weights and dimensions of these packages? This information is critical for the negotiations you will have with shipping companies.

You should also determine to which regions you send more frequently and whether you have any special requirements (such as cold chain transportation).

Conduct Market Research

Research shipping companies such as Yurtiçi Kargo, MNG Kargo, Kargoist, Sürat Kargo, Aras Kargo.

Conduct market research by comparing the services and prices offered by different shipping companies. Learn which companies offer faster service to which regions, what additional services they provide, and their pricing.

Also, take a look at customer reviews and complaints to gather information about the reliability of the companies.

Discuss the Terms of the Cargo Agreement

Contact the selected shipping companies and discuss the terms of the agreement. Depending on your shipment volume, frequency, and needs, you can request special pricing and discounts.

During the agreement process, you should also obtain information about issues such as package tracking, compensation in case of damage, and delivery times, and clarify the terms of the agreement in these matters.

Sign the Agreement and Monitor the Process

After deciding on the terms of the agreement, sign the official agreement. However, the process does not end here. Monitor the implementation of the agreement and ensure that the promised services are provided correctly.

Continuously evaluate the quality of your shipping service by taking customer feedback into account and, if necessary, contact the shipping company to review the terms of the agreement.

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In conclusion, making a cargo agreement for e-commerce sellers is a critical step in increasing customer satisfaction and controlling costs. By acting carefully and consciously in this process, you can make the most suitable cargo agreement for your business.

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